Society and arts- a complex relationship

Traditionally, it was believed that arts is something that reflects different aspects of the society. Although it is still true to some extent but with the change in the perspectives of people and the way in which the social change is occurring, the relationship between art and society is becoming complex. The debate about that art reflects society was justified with the point that the painter paints that things he sees. A sculptor uses bronze and stone to create masterpieces related to society.

The above mentioned debate was questioned with the point that art has the capacity to change the perspective of a person. However, arts and society are things that are essential for each other. They depend on each other for their existence.

Social change:

Social change is a change that reflects the change in patterns, believes, norms and values of the people living in a society. This change may have a lot of reasons. It can happen due to a natural disaster or due to some kind of pressure exerted on the people. It can also happen due to the conflict between the people living in a single society. Whatever the reason is, the thing that needs to be considered is that this change has a great impact on the nature of art.

Relationship of art and society:

The relationship between art and society is quite deep because of the impacts they both have on each other. If we talk about art, it is a mean through which a strong message can be transferred to the people. It can be used as a medium to create awareness among people. However, the point that art can influence the perspectives and opinion of the people is non-negotiable.

Art has the capability to preserve the cultural patterns that are otherwise impossible to be preserved in the historical writings or records. It is the only way that shows the people what went in the history of a particular culture. Art is also a mean of communication. It transfers the message to generations. The message of values, norms and believes. The messages of sacred things. Sounds, images and symbols that were used for the communication process and much more. Moreover, it is also capable of showing the repression prevailing in the society. It is the best way to voice your message out about the present political situation in a country.

Many researches are being done on the connection between a human brain and art. It is being proved that arts may effect in a positive way on a dependent person. For example, someone living in a nursing home. It is the best way to show the inner situation of one’s heart, the hard feelings and the efforts that are being made for the survival.


The relationship between society and arts will remain complex. The historical arts gallery is the place where you will find all the art works that reflect the society you are living in.

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